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30 Mar

There remain pockets where Catholics might be receive a real Catholic education (I do not know about other non-Catholic Christians) but the majority of Catholic schools are Catholic in name only, and those schools which really do teach the faith are not only few and far between, but as said, perhaps will not be permitted to teach the faith much longer.

Additionally, the Head of Ofsted (the UK teaching regulatory body) has talked about the need to go after “Sunday school”.

I know and have known many good people who are Muslims.

Yet there are clearly strains of Islam which are incompatible with the West (perhaps even this is true of Islam as a whole) and as the state cracks down on them, in the name of “liberalism” and fairness, it’ll come after Christians of every stripe as well.

This might be overly defeatist or it might be an honest assessment of the situation. As you say, we have a Tory government but there is very little that is actually conservative about them.

One possible cause for hope is Jacob Rees-Mogg, the unfaltering MP for North East Summerset.

As you have mentioned before, I would continue to implore your readers to take the task of educating their own children with the utmost seriousness and not assume that others (whether the state or church) will do this for them.

As for what this looks like from a Ben Op perspective, I have no idea.

For the US, I would say to monitor your immigration very carefully.I have even considered moving to the States for the similar reasons (and still wouldn’t rule out that possibility).With the state pushing LGBT ideology in their schools and increasingly coming after private schools, I have no doubt that home-schoolers are living on borrowed time.To be fair to myself, I had no reason to believe that any spiritual mentors would have been good to talk to about this. I went to a top secular university because I wanted to be an emissary for Christianity.Fire and brimstone sermons about gays who would corrupt our country didn’t exactly make me feel like I could find pastoral support for what I was experiencing. Instead, I found my faith shaken because of my struggles with my sexuality.