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14 May

From the common areas to the private bedroom, furniture is never "pompous", but always marked by a very fine touch of good taste. Amazing vies , beautiful amazingly romantic villa with great art effects, boos and furnishings . Small group of people personable and very friendly staff. All air conditioned, they are complete with satellite TV, a tea/coffee maker, and a large bathroom with hand-painted tiles. Breakfast is provided every morning and includes homemade cakes and organic fruits.We stayed only one night and weather was not friendly, so couldn't enjoy the outer grounds properly: we could only have a short stroll around, but it was enough to say that the place is worth returning soon. Monica is a lovely manager with a beautiful smile welcomes you always. Between April and October, the restaurant serves Italian cuisine along with local specialties and wines.Former astronaut Rusty Schweickart heads the B612 Foundation, a non-profit founded to protect the Earth from future asteroid impact.Russ gets the inside story from the expert and it is an incredible story indeed!When we interviewed Carly Fiorina in 2007, she had just left Hewlett-Packard and had written Tough Choices to offer her thoughts on business based on her unique experiences. Her perspectives are still very relevant, especially when viewed with an eye toward politics.Nanotechnology–product development at the molecular level–has become a highly competitive race between countries and Nano Mech is at the forefront with its lubricants, coatings and cutting tools.

Russ moderates a panel discussion at our DLS 6 event that includes Michael Hall, Marc Boudria, Omar Kahn and Will Womble, all from Chaotic Moon Studios in Austin.For 25 years, Zephyr Salvo has developed and programmed custom websites and now they are launching a flat fee web IT service for website maintenance and social media.Russ has a detailed chat with John Phillippe, president of Zephyr Salvo.In fact, it’s not fast food at all; everything is made from scratch.Molly Voorhees has worked for the family business—and it truly is a family business—since 2006.