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30 Aug

Toys fit for this very task can be found on websites like or at sex shop.The upside of anal for men, of course, is stimulation of the prostate gland, an erogenous zone that fills with fluid during arousal and, when properly prodded, can enhance and even precipitate an orgasm, Glickman explains.You can also lock-release Flash by pressing on the "puzzle" icon in the top right corner of your browser.You are currently using the Flash-version of the chat: it's fully featured and optimized.However, like all activities involving exchange of bodily fluids, hygiene is of utmost importance.

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, and rapped about by Nicki Minaj—to name just a few pop culture references. The stats seem to support this theory: Between 19 only about 9 percent of women and men reported having entered through the back door within the previous three months.The first time you have anal sex, it's common to worry that you may, um, have an accident during the process, Kerner says.“But as long as you’ve gone to the bathroom within the last 3 to 5 hours, you can pretty much assume your rectum is going to be clear,” he says.And ladies may find the sensation to be just as toe-curling.“Many women say they can experience orgasms from anal stimulation,” Kerner says.(For proof, check out Toni Bentley’s memoir-length testimonial.) “But most need clitoral stimulation.”Glickman explains that pressure inside the rectum may stimulate the internal ends of clitoral nerves in some women, bringing them to climax.