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08 Feb

The power of a D4s/D5 in an X-T2 body is what I craved… Sony announced a new a9 body out the blue a few months ago. This is everything a wedding photographer has been dreaming of. Silent shooting, the best focus system, eye-AF, 32000th/s, in-camera stabilization, fantastic EVF, 20fps if needed, smaller and a lighter than a D4s (similar to D750), two SD slots.Full frame, mirrorless, usable electronic shutter with silent shooting, and no blackout. I tested side by side and put the f/1.4 straight back in the box. A nice little cheap lens to fill a hole for me now. I think I will invest in the 35mm f/1.4 just before winter but it’s big, expensive and weighs quite a bit. It’s expensive, but I conclude that this is the best digital camera available today for wedding photographers.

I stress ‘for me’ as there are others who use it wonderfully.Buy something else with your paper round money." She was still smarting, I believe, from the humiliation prior to my last birthday of having to trawl around the record stores of Leeds asking the clerks if they stocked a Weasels Ripped My Flesh by the Mothers Of Invention.I merely muttered something to the effect that "you don't understand", and returned to my back stack of NMEs, dreaming of the day I would get to find out what Pere Ubu sounded like.If it were an X-T1 but better, then I was sure it was for me.I don’t think I had a real intention at the time for it to become my main wedding camera of choice, but it did come along with me.