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16 Jul

” Ray jerked in her bonds and shook her head frantically, anxiety lurking in the emerald depths of her eyes: “Please, don’t hurt me”.The plea went ignored as Lee positioned himself behind her, holding a thick belt in hand.The first lash chafed her delicate skin causing the poor girl to writhe and scream.

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Then something cold and sticky was rubbed on her bare bottom which was thrust back completely exposed.

Ray shuddered at the sight, repulsed at the unspoken command.

She tried to move away only to have her hair grasped and pulled right to the erect manhood.

Chilled from the cool ventilated air, the nipples hardened into tight rosebuds. You are only to speak when instructed and address us as “Master”, “Sir”, or “Milord”.

Flustered and frightened by the new surroundings, Ray tentatively watched the two men who were wielding a wooden frame, complete with shackles and pulleys, into the center of the room. You will obey our every command, swiftly and with no hesitation. You will be trained as a pleasure slave and willingly perform your assigned duties.