Chris paul dating anyone

29 Feb

He’s making jaw dropping amount of fortune out of his work.

His total estimated net worth is around $ 75 million while the man receives $ million as his salary every year. He has definitely been able to provide his family a better life because of which. He has made a huge amount of fans over his career time. They can remain close with him by following him at his twitter account.

Born in Lewisville, North Carolina, in the US, Paul was a sports enthusiast from his childhood.

Although initially he was more interested in football, later his passion turned towards basketball.

Later, he joined NBA after the completion of his college years.

He has had several achievements as New Orleans Hornets. His skill, quickness, court vision and great defense have made him a regular all-star and an unarguably the top point guard in the game of basketball.

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They welcomed their first baby; Christopher Emmanuel Paul II on May 23, 2009 while their second kid, Camryn Alexis Paul on August 16, 2012.From the past few years, he has also been serving as the president of the National Basketball Players Association, a labor union which represents all NBA players.Despite being one of the most successful and highly paid basketball players, Paul is of humble nature and has stated that he is grateful to God for all his achievements.Soon, he was drafted into the NBA by New Orleans Hornets.He played for the team for a total of six seasons, after which he joined the Los Angeles Clippers.