Confused dating website

05 Feb

Once you have and are happy with that person, unless it's a site like this where you do make some same sex friends and have the forums which I think are great, there's just no reason to have the profile. If he is disrespecting your need to be exclusive than he is disrespectful.

Best bet is try to communicate with him again and ask him why he feels the need to keep a profile up on the dating websites. We had to go with the grapevine in town to find out if our Bf/GF wasn't doing the right thing. Loving someone means sometimes having to sacrifice.

We were planning trips together and we had met each others family.Yes, they have the chance to meet someone but they aren't actively going for that reason. Don't bother listening to what most people say, always look to their actions to see their intent. He has obviously past an obvious boundary of yours.Now, you think its a trust issue if your girlfriend or boyfriend is going to "speed dating events" or "single meet & greets"? Some people will say anything to avoid a confrontation or protect their naughty activities from prying eyes. If you will not enforce your own boundary then why would anyone bother minding them.And if its a social network of "friends"then you can chat with them on regular IM and text,email. Once its hidden your activity isn't shown so all that does is gives the illusion to taking it down. A friend saw his unhidden profile on another site."Say what you mean and mean what you say". SOUNDS LIKE HE IS NOT CONVIENCE THAT YOUR THE ONE...Its not like your saying don't look or talk to the opposite sex. No rush to be exclusive if thats not what you both want. OP: Is this something you really really REALLY want? And then tell him, if he removes his profiles, you'll take him back and explain to him how he doesn't need them. LOL this could backfire though, but if he does get rid of them, you know you have something very awesome.