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25 Aug

Miranda described a late-night conversation he had with Goethe at a party in Weimar during the winter of 1785.

Fascinated with Miranda's account of his exploits in the United States Revolutionary War and his travels throughout the Americas and Europe, Goethe told him that, "Your destiny is to create in your land a place where primary colors are not distorted.” He proceeded to clarify what he meant by this: "First he explained to me the way the iris transforms light into the three primary colors […] then he proved to me why yellow is the most warm, noble and closest to [white] light; why blue is that mix of excitement and serenity, a distance that evokes shadows; and why red is the exaltation of yellow and blue, the synthesis, the vanishing of light into shadow.

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As with most other national flags, the Venezuelan flag should be flown every day by the legally registered public institutions from 7 a.m. Private institutions, businesses and citizens should fly the flag on national holidays or on days determined by the National Executive.

Even in the good years, Venezuela ran a deficit; when the price of oil fell, the country quickly ran out of money.

Rather than accept austerity, the regime doubled down.

It consisted of three equal horizontal stripes of yellow, blue and red.

Miranda's flag is also the inspiration for the flags of Colombia and Ecuador.