Frumster dating

30 May

A single girlfriend of mine (please forgive me for shamelessly stealing your story but you did tweet it) was recently set up with a bloke.

Valentine’s Day is a thoroughly ridiculous holiday.

All services and activities are free of charge (in Hebrew & English) Frum Cafe It's a new free Orthodox oriented Jewish dating site that will remain non-profit for the life of the site. Frumster is the first online dating site designed exclusively for Orthodox Jewish singles worldwide.

Whether you are very modern, or a real frummie, this is the place to find your match.

(I’m not exactly sure why my profile was deleted, and I never got an answer from the site’s admins asking.) And that’s how and why JOCFlock was born.

Because no one looking for love should really have to be put through a crucible of completely unrelated pain first.

Just had a girlfriend bending my ear about the ridiculousness of the shidduch business. They are good looking boys and very personable, so they won’t have…

They had some phone conversations before they actually met, to… I hope they find their other half by themselves without my involvement.

Dosi Date The singles' site for religious Israelis.

That cute dress you want to wear to the restaurant? Those snakeskin shoes you’ve nicknamed “The Deal-Sealers?

” Have fun sloshing around in the gray-black slush that lines our fine streets in wintertime (not to mention the resultant salt ring). Which is why one of the Jewish accomplishments I’m most proud of—right up there with Rabbi Nechunya ben Ha Kana figuring out the universe was 15.3 billion years old in the 1st century—was that we realized two-and-a-half millenia ago that Valentine’s Day works a lot better in the summer.

And there are horror stories: The kinds where caramel-skinned Jews get told by matchmakers that they’re “too pretty” to marry Jews who are Black; and the kinds when African-American Jews in their twenties are set up with developmentally challenged 40-year olds. Because people didn’t think she’d mind due to her circumstances. I myself had an interesting multi-email, multi-hour exchange questioning my Jewish identity when I joined online-dating site Frumster (now JWed) out of curiosity.

Another website, Future Simchas, deleted my profile without ever approving it.