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26 Feb

The Guadalupian series includes two zones based on a sharp change of fusulinid genera, from Parafusulina to Polydiexodina. Fossil correlations from one area to another can be used to evaluate sediments from similar dates.

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Of special interest are fusulinids, a kind of foraminifer (a kind of shelled protist), and ammonoids, a kind of mollusk related to the modern-day chambered nautilus.The Glass Mountains are located in southwestern Texas, U. A., at approximately 30°30' N and 103° W, about 370 km (about 225 mi) ESE of El Paso, Texas, in an area marked by the towns of Fort Stockton and Marathon.The mountain range has been described as about 24 miles (about 39 km) long and between 6 and 15 miles (about 10 and 24 km) wide.As time went on, the ocean evaporated, and when the Permian ended, the former ocean was dry.The Glass Mountains are located on the southern edge of the Delaware Basin, which forms much of the western part of the Permian Basin.