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26 Sep

This Fujifilm Instax Mini 8 camera produces photos right after the moment is captured.

Lovely and lightweight, an innovative gift for friends. Please get the film all done as quickly as possible after you inserted them into the camera. When the red indicator on viewfinder lights, please replace the batteries. When the indication on viewfinder flash, please wait until the metering indicator lights up.Obviously, many countries in the world follow rules and restrictions when it comes to sex – like no sex before marriage, but there are also many countries out there that are sexually liberated, where all it takes is a nice smile and flirty wink. Over on Insider Monkey, they compiled this list – intended for straight guys – based on a guy’s ability to make a positive reaction with the least amount of effort.Each country was given a final score of “Easiness”, based on their placement on and Harald Baldr magazine’s individual lists, as well as consulting with pick-up artist (PUA), Daryush Valizadeh and his colleagues. Russia - 13 Points: Russia is famous for it's beautiful young women, and when you combine harsh cold weather with vodka on tap, then you know you're in for a cosy night. Poland - 14 Points: Poland may be a culture steeped in culture and history, but it's also another eastern-European country who just love to unwind and get between the sheets. Philippines - 15 Points: [sc: MPU1] According to the list, women in the Philippines love to see a sharply dressed man who can speak fluent English.When language tools like Google Translate and Yandex. candidate at Georgetown University, endorses such language technology as a force for good, and it’s not just because he recently had to find the bathroom while visiting Beijing as a novice Mandarin speaker.Translate meet communication apps like Skype and Telegram, the world shrinks in the best way. “Humanitarian relief efforts are often executed by enlisted soldiers who have neither the time nor the resources to learn the language of where they are assigned to provide relief,” he says.