Joe chen qiao en dating

12 Mar

At ∼825–805 Ma, the continent-arc-continent collision and final amalgamation between the Yangtze and Cathaysia blocks yielded the Jiangnan Orogen.

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After the so-called scandal broke, Puff posted on her FB page this picture with Aaron and the following message “Untruthful reporting, nothing to respond to. Liang Liang only has eyes for the Boss.” The main cast really gets along very well in the drama and have lots of fun goofing off together.There is no chapter 36 update this week because I’ve not even started translating it.A few days ago, Phong sent me an email informing me that in an interview, Gu Man has confirmed that Come and Eat, Shan Shan will be made into a drama.Turns out all the fun the main cast has been having on set isn’t all just for show, uber tabloidis claiming (with picture proof) that Puff is actually in the early stages of a romance with her Just You co-star Tang Zhen Gang, who plays Puff’s best friend Kai Te’s boyfriend Alex.Here’s how it all went down according to insiders – Puff has taken her first leading lady role seriously and is always studying the script with her other co-stars, the four youngsters Puff, Aaron, Tang Zhen Gang, and Katherine Wang have gotten very close, Tang Zhen Gang started pursuing Puff with assistance from Aaron and Katherine to play cupid when they could, initially they would all hang out as a group but lately it’s just been Puff and Tang Zhen Gang, which finally led to the night before the Mid-Autumn Festival when Apple Daily snapped picture of Puff and Tang Zhen Gang out catching a movie at Warner Village Cineplex in Taipei.