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05 Apr

ii They must not write about shares or securities in whose performance they know that they or their close families have a significant financial interest, without disclosing the interest to the publisher, editor or financial editor. PRIVACY 7.1 The press shall exercise particular care to respect the private and family lives of individuals, their home, health and correspondence.

Intrusions on this right to privacy without consent, could be justified only by some over-riding public interest.

(Local Products are Heavenly) was the slogan during the 1970-77 protectionist regime. So some of these web sites that offer ‘when-we-say-Sri Lankan-we-mean-truly-Sri Lankan’ sex content will not be available in future, unless, like perhaps the Sri Lankan police, you have never heard of anything called ‘proxies’.

Nishantha Hapuarachchi, Chief Magistrate, Colombo ordered Telecommunication Regulatory Commission of Sri Lanka (TRCSL) to ban twelve sex sites – including an adult friend finder, responding to a petition filed by the Inspector General of Police.

Newspapers and journalists, while free to hold and express their own strong opinions, should give due consideration to the views of others and endeavour to reflect social responsibility.

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Code of Professional Practice (Code of Ethics) of The Editors Guild of Sri Lanka and Free Media Movement Adopted by the Sri Lanka Press Institute 1.Established in 1953, FPA Sri Lanka serves as a volunteer based non-governmental organization (NGO) that explores innovative and challenging processes of family planning in Sri Lanka.We are proud to be one of the most expansive and well known NGO’s in the country that focuses on Family Planning, Sexual and Reproductive Health and Rights. Whatever the reason you visited our website for, we are pleased to demonstrate to you the wide array of services and activities of our organization in the important area of Sexual and Reproductive Health and Rights. They also suspected an international conspiracy to tarnish the image of the country, reported, Divaina. Investigation Department, working on a complaint by the IGP revealed these sites contain pornographic images and video clips of men and women, possibly Sri Lankan.