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11 Apr

It might be helpful to remember the words of Teresa of Avila: “Believe me, the safest thing is to will only what God wills, for God knows us better than we know ourselves and loves us.” Deirdre Powell Source: Encouraging Words by Jill Sheehan (adapted).

The shrine at Lourdes in Feb 1858 On 11th February 1858 Our Lady first appeared to 14-year-old Bernadette Soubirous.

In 1992 Pope John Paul II instituted the World Day of the Sick to be held on the feast of Our Lady of Lourdes. Family Marie-Bernard Soubirous was born in 1844, the first child of poor parents, Francois and Louise, and from childhood she was called Bernadette.

She smiled silently and beckoned to Bernadette, who went down on her knees, took out her Rosary from her pocket and began to say her beads.It is hard to say, but one feels that it is somehow summed up in the ‘will of God’ or simply ‘God’”.A few years prior to his death, Merton was asked if he would change his books on prayer if he was to rewrite them.The Lady also had a Rosary, but she allowed Bernadette to recite the decade and joined in only at the Glory be. When the other girls came back, they saw Bernadette still kneeling.They thought she was trying to escape gathering timber and began to chide her.