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01 Apr

On one corner was what seemed like a raised stage, with a metal pole in the middle.

In the center of the room they saw a dance floor, where a few couples were dancing to the music.

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She knew she looked scrumptious with her corsets, or she would never have chosen to get married in a red one. For Paul, what she had chosen to wear underneath was still a mystery. A tall brunette woman in lacy red and black lingerie came to the door, opening it with a smile.This place is not easy to find at all." "Yes, well, we try our best to make sure our customers find their way. We must have a big fan who keeps collecting them." "Or a few people who don't like what you do here" Isabel added. That's one of those mysteries we'll sort out eventually.For now, however, there's nothing like coming here once and knowing the way afterwards." Anne responded."But you are right, and maybe that's why you and the other couple are the last to arrive. "Wow, they must really have fun here." "They sure do, and I hope you'll have fun too." Then, motioning them to follow her, Anne added "Let me show you the place first, and then I'll have to leave you for a while.Everyone else has been here at least once or twice already. The other two hosts had to go and get some more drinks and, at least for now, I'm all alone here.