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26 Jun

Applicants and their accompanying family members applying for migration to Australia, as well as some applicants for visitor, student and other temporary visas are required to undergo a medical examination.Those applicants who are 11 years of age or older may also be required to undergo a radiological examination (X-ray).Please verify with the Embassy doctor what documents you must take with you to the appointment.

Adelaide Skilled Processing Centre, Perth Offshore BCS Centre, The Perth Offshore Parents Centre or the Sydney Offshore Business Centre) that office will provide you with the relevant forms and instruction if/when necessary.If we receive your health checks results and we are unable to match them to an active application, the results may be archived.Retrieving them when you lodge your application will take some time and would result in significant processing delays.Please remember that undergoing the medical examination does not mean that your application has been approved or is likely to be approved.You should not finalise any of your affairs in this country until you have received official advice from the office processing your application that your application has been approved.