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18 Mar

Then this got louder & louder as the United team got closer to the goal, Goo-on, Goo-on, Goo-On!

and then the air turned blue as whoever it was missed the chance!

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The Club have announced their intention to further develop the capacity of Bramall Lane to over 40,000.This stand which was opened in 1996, has had the corners to either side of it filled in, by offices on one side and a family seated area on the other, called the Fortina Spa Corner, in a corporate sponsorship deal.At the back of the stand are a row of executive boxes and on its roof is a small gable, reminiscent of when many older grounds featured them.Also the roof was replaced with a new cantilever structure, allowing the supporting pillars of the old roof to be removed, giving fans more cover and an unimpeded view of the playing action.This stand is two tiered and also has an electric scoreboard, perched between the two.