Radiometric dating of dinosaur fossils

21 Jun

It is a fact that living organisms have evolved to be highly structured, and much lower in entropy than the substances from which they grow.But it is The author’s explanation of entropy as related to the second law of thermodynamics totally contradicts itself”.The author of Open Stax is totally oblivious to the fact or prefers to leave the facts out that unless someone or something intelligent acts in the process to reduce the entropy of any system, the entire process would proceed to increase the disorderly (entropy) of the universe instead of reducing it.Thus, we have proven that indeed the entropy of the Universe would never decrease unless the presence of an Intelligent agent was there at the beginning.Record concentrations and time in order to extract rate coefficients.“Do temperature dependent studies to extract Arrhenius parameters.

Never in a billion years will disorder become orderly without the influence of someone, a person, or an intelligent agent.The contradiction, and fallacy, and extreme case of bias is more than evident as the author left the most important part of his illustration to the imagination and naïve imagination of the inexperienced reader or to the willing-to-believe reader and assume that in both cases the marble and the bridge would have taken an orderly course of action without the active intervention of a intelligent agent in order to reduce the entropy of both systems.It is obvious that the author in his effort to actively introduce a false idea (evolution of life), he or she introduces statements and assumptions that ultimately lead to a totally false conclusion.The same logic applies to the idea of “Who was it that made the conversion, the Sun, pure energy without intelligence, or was it not the author who made all those iron atoms into a bridge ?We concur, it is absolutely true that the author’s work, himself, or herself, in order to re-arrange the order to the atoms that were available on earth in the form of iron (that were created and or modified by the Sun at some time) and transform those atoms into .