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24 May

Because CFCs contribute to ozone depletion in the upper atmosphere, the manufacture of such compounds has been phased out under the Montreal Protocol, and they are being replaced with other products such as hydrofluorocarbons (HFCs) As in simpler alkanes, carbon in the CFCs bonds with tetrahedral symmetry.Because the fluorine and chlorine atoms differ greatly in size and effective charge from hydrogen and from each other, the methane-derived CFCs deviate from perfect tetrahedral symmetry.

They are also commonly known by the Du Pont brand name Freon.[Computer science and management science] 11:1 -- Philip Grivell; Christopher James Spiers; Dimitris Tsiberis; Alyson Sarah Wood. [Computer science and mathematics] 1 -- Steven James Carden.[Mathematical physics] 1 -- Kevin David Anderson; Charlotte Shin Ling Cheung; Anne Elizabeth Currie; Christophe Fraser; Alasdair Andrew Graham Kelsey; Andrew Jonathan Pocklington; Paul Anthony Rowland; Douglas Andrew Smith; Zbigniew Sroczynski.[Physics] 1 -- Andrew Almond; Rebecca Susan Daw; Richard John Irvine; Elaine Susan Wallace.11:1 -- Asif Abdullah; Elaine Margaret Aitken; Robert Beaman; Scott Alexander Belmonte; Timothy Peter Dewhirst; Victoria Jane Hipkin; Mary Christina Ker; James Robert Mc Gregor; Simon Douglas Morris; Fraser David Muir; John Pullen; Diane Karen Rendall; John Peter Watt Rosie; Malcolm Sievwright; Thomas Andrew Waigh.