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12 Mar

A bright red satin sheath, a cocktail dress, not often worn, caught her attention and she reached up to slip it off its hanger, then hurried back to the mirror.She pulled the cord of her pajama bottom and then slipped off the buttoned top before impatiently tugging the pants down her long, slim, coltish legs where she kicked them from her ankles.The fact that most of his clients seemed to be middle-aged women of means had once perturbed Lois and been the source of considerable friction between them, but by now she had accepted the position with -- the rationalization that he was successful, and did provide a good enough income for his family.Lois had invented her own romantic notions of the world, using her medieval fantasy to explain to herself why she had no right nor business to go poking her nose into the 'man's world' which existed merely to provide 'ladies' with the means for their ease, comfort, and sustainment.Her body only just beginning to fill out with roundness, her blonde hair hanging full about her bare shoulders so that it tickled, small pink lips, bare of hair, shadowed between her smooth round thighs, she stood naked in front of the mirror and stepped into the dress.The touch of the silk on her bare skin put goosebumps of pleasure on her warm flesh as it slid up her slender frame.

Picking up her pjs, she wandered back into her own room, the cool winter air hardening her little nipples so that she fingered them on her flat chest.The Swelts were not a very close family at any time -- Burt had long since found Lois, his wife of an early-aged marriage, something of a bore, and she, him, a boor.Their attitudes, carefully unvoiced in front of the children, nonetheless were sensed by them, so that Mike and his sister unconsciously drew more companionship and the sustenance of reassurance from each other than might ordinarily have been the case.She struggled to put her arms into the straps and awkwardly reached behind her for the zipper, tugging the back of the dress around in its fullness.It was way too big for her in all directions, and hung from her lean shoulders like a crimson, sheening sack, reaching to just above her ankles.