Thai women dating koh samui

19 Apr

(By the way, prostitution in Thailand has a longer tradition than modern-day tourism or so-called sex tourism, and the biggest “market” for Thai prostitutes are Thai males, not foreigners.) do get financially exploited by bar girls, that’s simply the other side of the coin, ain’t it?

Unless they are in dire financial straits, most bar girls likely won’t go with a guy they find completely unattractive (cold hard cash can apparently always enhance your sex appeal.) Which Western prostitute can afford this kind of luxury?Now how does that compare to an absolute minimum pay of 500 Baht for an hour of “short time” or 1,000 Baht – and significantly more for Go Go girls – per night?Not to mention gold necklaces, motorcycles, clothes etc. Blame politics, capitalism or globalization – not the sexual desires of neglected Western men who simply fill a financial gap they didn’t create themselves.But salaries paid in local factories are still relatively low compared to the potential income of a “talented” bar girl who knows how to please her clients (not just sexually) and most girls, due to a lack of formal education, can hardly find jobs that pay any better.So in the first place, it is obviously for financial reasons (! Village girls simply follow the call of money or, let’s rather say, have been forced by economic restraints when they board a bus to Pattaya the first time.