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20 Feb

Her Name at Birth Her birth name was Tyra Lynne Banks. Age and Birth Date She was born on December 4 of 1973, so she is currently 41 years old. Astrological Sun Sign Her astrological sign is the Sagittarius.

Location of Her Birth She was born in Inglewood, California. Educational History Originally, Banks studied at John Burroughs Middle School.

She left the waitress an incredibly generous 0 tip!

She has earned this through her work as a model, director, show host and entrepreneur.Family Members Father: Donald Banks Mother: Caroline London Brother: Devin Banks Build She has a slender yet voluptuous figure. Distinctive Features Her high cheekbones, smooth skin and large eyes are her distinctive features. Her First Television Show The first time she appeared on television was in 1993 in the Fresh Prince of Bel-Air.Dress Size6 (US)Shoe Size9 (US)Occupation She is a model, producer and entrepreneur. She was in six episodes as the character of Jackie Ames.She has a brother that is five years older than her.are not k-i-s-s-i-n-g in a tree, but she thinks he may have a crush on her. Tyra has shot down romance rumors before, and she further explained her relationship with Rob on and we went to his hotel in the lobby to have drinks.