Uk couple jailed for beating daughter for dating black man

09 Jun

A monster who fathered eight children with his own daughter after repeatedly raping her during a 22-year reign of terror has been jailed for 12 years and eight months.Argentinian Domingo Bulacio, 57, showed no sign of emotion as he was sentenced on Wednesday for multiple sex crimes after a trial at a court in the northern city of Santiago del Estero.He caught out one couple because when he asked the bride to repeat the vows, he began reading out train station names and she repeated them back.An act which many Nigerian parents will do back in Nigeria and go scott free has become a criminal issue for a Nigerian couple who resides in London, United Kingdom.The case is hauntingly similar to the abuse Elizabeth Fritzl suffered at the hands of dad Josef.

She met Mr Ncube at the college and the pair have been dating for two years.Relatives of the serial rapist were among the 50 witnesses who gave evidence at the hearing.Bulacio, known by the nickname Vernacho, had been in custody since his arrest in January last year after 45 days on the run.I want justice to be done.' State prosecutors had demanded a 15-year prison sentence for Bulacio.He declined to testify in court and turned down the chance of having the last word before sentencing by judges Alfredo Daniel Perez Gallardo, Elida Suarez de Bravo and Lidia Paz.