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05 Sep

In principle between 7-11MHz would also be available using either two, three and four ionospheric reflection propagation.

However because of the multiple routes available the signals would suffer distortion from multipath interference and fading. Ruth Bamford Radio Communication Research Unit, Rutherford Appleton Laboratory – THE OBLIQUE IONOSPHERIC SOUNDER) In reality the ionosphere changes on a time scale that can be less than one minute.

, Appleton was able to show that the ionosphere was not formed by only one conducting layer, but several distinct ones.

By comparing the relative delays of ground waves and the sky wave reflected in the ionosphere, an estimation of the layers altitude could be calculated.

In the lower part of the Earth’s atmosphere, the troposphere extends from the surface to about 12 km.

Above 12 km is the stratosphere followed by the mesosphere.

The ionosphere is composed of three main parts, named : the D, E, and F regions.Other factors that complicate the environment are the motion of the neutral atmosphere, but also the magnetic and electric currents interacting with the ionized particles.The ionosphere plays an important role in HF radio wave propagation.The reason the free electrons persist in the ionosphere is that at these altitudes the density of the Earth’s neutral atmosphere is sufficiently thin that collisions between particles happen far less frequently than in the lower atmosphere.The degree of ionization in the atmosphere varies with altitude in a non-uniform way.