Who has ne yo dating

12 Mar

There even exists a “delayed no.” A girl did this to me once: To be fair, I probably screwed something up along the way – she did give me her number at first.

But the bottom line is that by the time I called she was no longer interested, and it doesn’t matter that I’d gotten her number!

They’re flexible, and have a boatload of experiences that inform them as to how little it matters, in the grand scheme, when a woman declines to give up her number.

So, they’ve gotten rejected LOTS of times, and know exactly when to spot one coming.

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That’s the coolest thing about them – they give precisely zero shits if a woman says no, and harbor no hard feelings. I mean, they have to turn down ugly women all the time, right? In a lot of ways, that’s how they got successful in the first place.

And prepare to ask some questions – I’m an expert on what women want (it’s easy to be an expert when the answer is “not you” 90 percent of the time). And no, there isn’t really a secret language that women use to talk about guys, anymore than guys use euphemisms to talk about girls (“You have a very nice dress.” = “Goddamn, look at them titties! But you were too busy staring at her cans, weren’t you? Anyway, let’s get down to brass tacks – how do you read a woman’s actions?

I mean, we all know that “no means no.” Please tell me that you know that “no means no.” But what if she says something more cryptic and nuanced, like “get out of my house before I call the police? Her words are optional bonuses, especially if she’s a poet, and you’re awesome enough to be written about.

And what if you’re standing in your underwear and honestly don’t remember how you got there? A great man once said that “deaf men understand women best.” Yes, that great man is me. I mean, really, a woman’s secret language, if any, are her actions.

The same successful men who told me that a good woman does good things also were aware of all of the different ways women say “no“: The fact that I even have to mention the last one infuriates me on principle.