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30 Sep

Sadly, I think you’re right that big cities do welcome diversity more. That’s why it’s important to have positive role models in the public so that people can more easily gain confidence to freely express themselves.

Actually, there is a phrase I’m not wholly comfortable with: ‘More tolerant’.

Another wrote 'Freddie Highmore is like 2 years younger than me and I still think he's 11 years old', while one person commented 'I kind of want Freddie Highmore to win just so I can say Charlie Bucket won the #Golden Globe.'Not everyone thought he had changed that much though, with one remarking: 'Freddie Highmore looks the same now as he did in Charlie and the Chocolate Factory.

He just got taller.'Freddie, who plays a young autistic doctor in The Good Doctor, looked dashing in a black tuxedo and bow tie as he arrived at the star-studded awards ceremony.

We read so much about young stars like Lindsay Lohan and Macaulay Culkin who struggle to deal with growing up in the industry…

A lot of it is because I had a supportive family growing up.

But having our show set in the present day and going back to see what it was that turned Norman psychotic, we felt free to bring in our own interpretations and not be restricted by the original source material.

From my point of view, I never attempted to mimic what Anthony Perkins did in the movie; however he was obviously an amazing source of inspiration upon which to build.

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The British actor, 25, had been nominated in the Best Actor in a Television Series Drama category for his role in ABC drama The Good Doctor.

I don’t think people are born homophobic – at least, I hope not.

We live in cosmopolitan London, but outside of the capital life might not be as happy.

Between making films, I would go back to ordinary school in London instead of home schooling.

I didn’t go to school in Los Angeles, where it must be harder to maintain that distinction between a normal life and film work. And going to uni studying foreign languages rather than drama helped to keep me grounded. Does that mean you get asked to participate in any LGBT support?